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What if we had an intuitive compass to navigate any challenge, big or small? 

Working tirelessly for years as a coach and co-experimenter with diverse organizations and educators, I’ve seen that all big challenges—whether succeeding in school or making a product—are really constant little ones. Together we’ve arrived at this workspace, oriented by the fundamental quests of many kinds of innovation: technical, business, personal, social, and organizational. It’s in use from elementary classrooms to corporate conference rooms to explore new possibilities—on a sticky note or whiteboard, in conversations or in our minds, over months or just seconds, alone or with others.

Please see #innovatorscompass for examples, and visit the dedicated website, to try the Compass, and find further graphics and examples.

INNOVATORS COMPASS Poster-Worksheet with icons & instructionsSlide12 Innovators Compass Blank - Process Patterns Ela Ben-Ur

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